Vehicle Insurance

Kadamba insurance is providing a market gateway for many companies. Here our premium customer can compare their insurance plans with their good choices.

The Kadamba insurance service enables various insurers to compete for customers by offering a variety of plans based on cost and other services.

Our vision to bring pioneering technologies & Inovations to the field of insurance.

Our Unique approach

  • Bringing various company products under one umbrella
  • Kadamba not recommending any specific company product
  • Kadamba not recommending any specific company product
  • Flexibility to select any company products
  • Everything is digital
  • Quick service and issuing the policy certificate immediately
  • Dedicated Personal executives for each case

Required Documents

  • KYC Document For Policy Holder
  • Existing Insurance Policy
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Nominee Name & Contact Number
  • RC Book

Our Scheme

  • Policy Renewal
  • New Policy
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