My Money Loan

  • Kadamba is the pioneering organisation for introducing community banking scheme (MYMONEY) very systematically and effectively.
  • Mymoney is primarily served with a specific members group who they have opened their account under Mymoney scheme. And the loan system is tailored to meet the unique needs of the member
  • Mymoney is offering a more personalized approach to lending. Loan officers work closely with borrowers to assess their financial situation, understand their needs, and structure loans that are suitable for their circumstances.
  • Mymoney offers a flexible range of loan products, including personal loans, mortgages, small business loans, and more.
  • Under this scheme Kadamba has adopted our own loan offerings mechanism to meet the specific demands of the customers need as per banking protocols.
  • Like all financial institutions, we carefully assess and manage the risks associated with lending. The lending decisions based on a combination of credit-worthiness and local relationships. While they consider credit scores and financial history, they may also take into account the borrower's character and reputation within the community.
  • Mymoney scheme is subject to the regulatory oversight by the state and federal cooperative guideline to ensure they adhere to lending laws and consumer protection regulations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The loan amount is linked with the customer’s monthly recurring deposit amount and the total months they adopted
  • 18-24-36, Monthly Scheme
  • Basic Interest + Transactional incentive
  • 100% Digitally Operated
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