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Kadamba Souharda Co-operative Society - a cooperative banking entity, echoes the voice of new age cooperative bodies with an unflinching motto of promoting unique cooperative business models in the state of Karnataka, to usher economic growth as well as social change among the respective stake holders.


At Kadamba we abide to protect the interests of clients, customers and community as a whole, uncompromisingly.


We at Kadamba, do have experienced executives who empathize with our clients in their financial requirements.


Technologies provide us the cutting edge over the rest in offering the best services to our clients, making the bank highly active & vibrant.


Transparency, empathy are the driving force which defines Kadamba's services in meeting the societal financial requirements.

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"I am a meat seller, running a mutton shop. Kadamba Souharda helped me running in the shop by advancing loan to the tune of Rupees two lakhs. I need to purchase sheep and cash is badly required. Kadamba is helping me every time. I have also availed Vehicle Loan. I also utilize to pigmy facility and i recommend Kadamba Souharda for my friends."

Shri Babulal Najeer Ahmad



"I am on of the benefited customer of Kadamba Souharda. I need ready cash to purchase ready-made clothes which I am getting to my requirements from Kadamba Souharda. I have availed got Rupees Seven Lakh loan. which is a big loan amount. there was no delay from kadamba which really helped for a business man like me. Being a regular customer of Kadamba, I feel assured to run my business, confidently."

Shri. Annappa S Patil

Readymade Garments Shop, Sirsi


"To run a fashion store we need money at call and short notice. I am tension free because I am a customer of Kadamba Souharda. During business hours I would be busy in shop. I can approach Kadamba Souharda in early morning at 9 am or in the evening after 6 pm. which made me easy to run the shop. Kadamba is more convenient for me."

Shri Tarbez Ahmad Najeer Ahmad Shaik

Fashion Store, Sirsi


"It is a record that I got loan with in two days, that too to the tune of Rupees Seven lakhs. Processing is easy. Documents needed are less. Banking is done in good faith. Over Draft facility helped me, enormously. The interest rate is reasonable and banking is easiest in Kadamba Souharda, comparatively. Pigmy System is also helpfull. For me every day is a day of Kadamba Souharda"

Shri Ganapati Tejappa Marathe

Fashion Store, Sirsi


"I am a member of Easy Money team. It is amazing. Easy Money is beneficial to everyone in the team. Even though I haven’t gone for the bid I am benefited by it, It is a mutually benefiting scheme. My friends are also convinced about Easy Money scheme. Kadamba Souharda is innovative in its effort and helpful to the needy."

Shri. Keshav T Honnegundi



"I do wonder about Easy Money Scheme! It helped me a lot. Due to this we friends have become more closer. Four of my friends joined Easy Money scheme. Now we are beneficial to each other. That is the beauty of Kadamba Souharda. Attitude of employees attracted me to Kadamba Souharda as customer . They are very helpful and encouraging. I availed Over Draft facility also, and appreciate Kadamba for its banking service."

Shri. Mohan Dharma Jogalekar

Business man

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